Born in Manhattan in 1972, PONY was founded by entrepreneur Roberto Muller, a charismatic creative who lived life from moment to moment. Pony was created in his image and New York’s, which is to say it was equal parts ambitious, edgy, and energetic. This unwavering energy still radiates from the brand today, inspiring a whole new class of athletes, creators, and innovators.

50 years later, the streets of New York may have changed, but the energy remains more vital and vocal than ever before. It’s the same pulse that drives the evolution of PONY, across the court, through the streets, and into the future.

For all dreamers and grass-roots leaders, our purpose is to reflect this spirit and empower others to aim high and make the impossible play.

  • Celebrated 50th Anniversary in 2022
  • PONY is designed for individuals of all ages and styles – driven by a firm understanding of who they are and how they live
  • Product categories include footwear, apparel, and hosiery
  • Multi-tiered distribution strategy includes, specialty retail stores and footwear retailers
  • Distribution in North America, Europe, Latin America, China and APAC